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Kodak Black 

Kodak Black is an American rapper, songwriter and, singer.  Dieuson Octave was born on June 11, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida, the son of a Haitian immigrant, Marcelene Octave. Later, he changed his name to Bill Kahan Kapri. In elementary school, Kodak Black started rapping and visiting trap houses to record. He spent a lot of time reading thesauruses and dictionaries in his youth. His involvement in fighting caused him to be expelled from school in the fifth grade, and he was arrested for auto theft in middle school. The nickname “Black” became part of Kodak Black at the age of six. He was also referred to as “Lil’ Black”. Growing up, he was given the choice to sell drugs or rap.

Collaboration between Vlone & Kodak Black

 Kodak Black and Vlone collaborate. Collaboration between Kodak and VLONE defines your fashion interests for clothing in a lenient, comfortable, & fashion-forward way that sets what you consider attractive. There is a tee featuring an artist collaboration with Kodak Black released by Vlone that every fashion lover is going to love. It displays the name of each rifle along with the Ak-47 design on the chest. A crosshair with a focus on the Vlone trademark is depicted on the back of this white shirt. Shop Vlone Official for Kodak Black x Vlone 47 White Hoodie for any particular occasion. DB Omerta and NLE Choppa released the single “Zombie” under the clothing line of Kodak Black. On the other hand, Kodak Black stated that he would release an album if the song went platinum by his birthday. Kodak Black x Vlone Zombie Black Hoodie is also available at Vlone Official Store.

Hit Clothing Albums of Vlone X Kodak Black

Regardless of what you choose, you would be lucky to browse the collections of Kodak Black, which include everything from hoodies to t-shirts to pants.

Kodak Black x Vlone Zombie White Hoodie

“Zombie” was released on October 25, 2019, by Kodak Black along with NLE Choppa and DB Omerta. After that, Kodak Black vowed to release an album if the song was certified platinum by his birthday. Zombie Black Kodak Black x Vlone Hoodie is available at Vlone Official Store.

Kodak Black x Vlone 47 Black Hoodie

A remarkable design yet again. Red and blue logos adorn the white hoodie. VLONE is represented by blue, while Kodak is represented by red. Together, they make a very elegant design. Additionally, a graphic print of a red and white eagle appears on the back of the hoodie. It further enhances the uniqueness of the design. Take a look at the Vlone X Kodak Black 47 Logo Hoodie.

Kodak Black x Vlone 47 Black T-Shirt

There are cool VLONE logos on the front and Kodak wrote diagonally above them in the top right-hand corner. Each logo has a leaf-textured design. The t-shirts are of superior quality. The comfort and warmth provided by the fabric will be felt by anyone wearing a VLONE kodak black shirt or hoodie.

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