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The Weeknd

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (born February 16, 1990) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer known professionally as the Weeknd. In addition to his distinctive singing voice and tremolo, Tesfaye is considered an influential figure in contemporary popular music.

Vlone x The Weeknd Collaboration

An extraordinary collaborative products object turned into launched via way of means of The Weeknd and Vlone for his 2020 album, After Hours. The Weekend MERCH simply has a tendency to begin; The Weekend has arisen once more with the bang. Now the emblem starts off evolved to preserve ahead its style flowing closer to the collaboration of street-put on emblem VLONE. The album’s call seems in purple dripping kind at the front and Vlone’s brand in black blood at the lower back of this white hoodie.

There is a purple font on the sleeves that reads, “WHAT HAPPENS AFTER HOURS STAYS AFTER HOURS”. Vlone endeavored to merge the innovative complexity of the “Star boy” artist and supply merchandise which have equal mysteriousness and is impossible to resist intensity because of the artist himself. The grounds of the apparel line is his album “After hours“.

Why do you need to buy Vlone Products?

The shirts that Vlone provides to their customers are of the highest quality because Vlone knows that quality is important to every customer. When a clothing item is of high quality, it will last for a long time. When something lasts for a long time, people do not have to buy it again. For this reason, you are also advised to purchase your shirts from Vlone if you are interested in buying clothes of high quality and do not want that the color fades with time.

Is Vlone high quality?

In terms of exclusivity, Vlone is hard to beat. You’ll enjoy wearing it all year. You’ll wear durable clothes made with high-quality prints. The shirt’s low-key print and distinctive design make it an ideal shirt for every age group.

Vlone is a logo created for retailing streetwear and merchandise of various artists, particularly rappers, and released from the streets of Harlem numerous years lower back with the aid of using a set of outstanding artists who had a modern style ideology in mind. The doctrine gave start to a label that might constitute streetwear, something cushy and springs with the call of Vlone.

What does the Vlone x the Weeknd offer?

Inspired via way of means of the latest album “After hours,” that is a stylistic reinvention of the artist himself portrayed via way of means of something as acquainted as normal clothes. The collaboration capabilities a lot of t-shirts and hoodies revolving across the equal concept. It is designed with prints of the album’s call and a few unconventional and gothic artwork, which makes it a must-must upload in your normal wear.

Vlone x The Weeknd After Hours Clown Hoodie

The Weeknd x Vlone Clown hoodie in black functions as a massive image of a clown at the front. There is dripping blood and saliva at the clown’s enamel at the front of the hoodie, in addition to hearth place as hair. Introducing the spooky The Weeknd-Vlone Hoodie launched on March 20, 2020. Vlone x The Weeknd After Hours Clown Hoodie is available in each color.

Vlone After Hours I Afro Tee        

Feels superb in opposition to your pores and skin and is lightweight and breathable. An exquisite preference to have, Vlone After Hours I Afro Tee to be had in a number of colors. Perfect for informal wear, enterprise informal, work, holiday, commencement, and informal occasions. This gentle tee creates an informal appearance this is wearable for maximum occasions.

Weeknd x Vlone After Hours Blood Drip Tee

Vlone launched this t-blouse partnering with The Weeknd to assist the discharge of his 2020 album, After Hours. The After Hours album’s name seems throughout the chest in this black t-blouse in dripping pink letters. The Weeknd x Vlone brand seems at the lower back of the blouse, with the artist’s face seen within the brand. Released on March 20th, 2020, this Weeknd x Vlone tee represents a brand new collection of designs. The Features Weeknd x Vlone After Hours Blood Drip Tee is to be had at Vlone.

How can Vlone merchandise give you?

The merchandise on my own function is one of the fine designers and transcendent prints and is available in many colors and sizes. With one of the fine patron offerings and feedbacks, the logo needs to be your primary.