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VLONE X Fragment

VLONE always accompanies its street-wear culture with the latest fragment designs. Authentic results will be gained by those who take a mainstream approach to appearances. Online buyers of VLONE x Fragment discover amazing products on a regular basis. After the launch of the latest Fragment collection, Fragment design followers multiplied rapidly. Hiroshi Fujiwara is credited for this work as Fragment Designer. In Vlone Store, you will find fine or above-rated fragment items, such as a jumpsuit, leather parka, flannel or canvas parka, etc. With major clothing brands like Levis, Nike, Jordan, Levis, and Converse, Fragment Upscale has really taken off. Now the collaboration of VLONE has arrived to set a new record for clothing.

Is Vlone collaborating with X Fragment?

The Los Angeles-based designer recently said that “the next generation will dictate future trends.” Fujiwara has collaborated with Louis Vuitton last year and will soon partner with A$AP Bari’s VLONE label. The nascent brand gained a lot of exposure and momentum thanks to a highly limited Nike Air Force 1 collaboration.

In addition to VLONE’s logo, the fragment design’s signature lightning bolt stamp appears on several pages.

Vlone.LLC’s Vlone X Fragment 2021 Hot collection

This new collection is available exclusively from Vlone. The collection was first teased by fragment founder and Street Wear Godfather James Brown. After the collection was unveiled, a variety of clothes and accessories were shown. In bringing together the aesthetics of the game and brand, they incorporated their unique influences into one.

Vlone X Fragments Tee

In collaboration with X Fragment, Vlone released the men’s tee for spring/winter 2021. Vlone X Fragment has a pleasing and decent design.  People also like it because it appears to be the most popular design. Those who like to stay up-to-date with the latest trends will enjoy the Vlone x Fragment Friends Lightning T-Shirt. We offer cotton and polyester t-shirts that are pleasantly soft, breathable, and durable.

Vlone x Fragment Bomber Jacket

This Vlone x Fragment Bomber Jacket gets people’s attention. The Vlone Jacket comes in black with a collar neck and long sleeves, perfect for both men and women. These jackets are made of polyester. In order to ensure quality, fitness, and comfort to our customers, Vlone Merch takes customer feedback very seriously.

VLONE Printed Friend Black Pants

This Printed Friend Black Pants brings a streamlined approach to a classic suit. Our sweats are constructed to provide comfort and to fit all parts of your Thai body in a natural way. In some parts of the workout, the fairly stretchable fabric provides awesome flexibility and comfort. Authentic and original materials are used to make our sweatpants; they will keep you warm & ready for anything at any time. Now we’re offering wonderful quality Vlone Official products.

Vlone Fragment Leather Jacket

The leather jacket of the Vlone Fragment shivers in the cool breeze from the wintry air. Despite its many advantages, the jacket retains its shape well despite its breathable and heated characteristics. Add it to your shopping cart when you’ve chosen the decent coloration and size that you prefer. You can purchase Vlone jackets at the Vlone shop.

How are Vlone x Fragment collections made?

In the Vlone hoodie, there is 20% polyester and 80% cotton, when the material of the Vlone T-shirt is 10% polyester and 90% cotton. Furthermore, the brand designs pieces that complement the brand’s signature design aesthetic along with functional, comfortable pieces.